Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash


Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash

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Hurtta mountain rope leashes are comfortably soft to hold in your hand, yet highly durable. Resembling climbing ropes in structure and materials, the leash rope includes 3M reflectors for added visibility. The leash clips and ferrules are made from aluminium, which is durable, stainless and extremely light. Hurtta leashes include a steel ring on the handle. This can be used to clip the leash to itself, making it easy to carry when your dog is off-leash.
We have stocks of 11mm and 8mm diameter leashes, and 6mm diameter for smaller dogs.

  • Highly durable
  • 3M reflectors
  • Comfortable to hold in your hand
  • Light aluminium clips
  • Washable

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cherry, juniper, raven (black)


120*11, 180*6, 180*8, 180*11