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Hurtta Worker Vest


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The Worker Vest is a light, high-visibility vest for outdoor activities and hunting even in the dark. The plentiful reflective prints and 3M reflective piping ensure good visibility. The vest is made of an elastic and breathable knitted fabric with a weatherproof Houndtex layer.

The vest is lined with a soft, mesh like fabric. The material is durable and does not rustle in use. The belly flap is made of durable, wear-resistant Cordura fabric. Cordura is designed to withstand extremely high mechanical wear in demanding conditions. When moving in the woods or fields, there is a risk that branches may scratch the dog’s belly and chest. The belly flap of the vest is designed to protect the dog’s chest and sensitive belly area.

The back of the vest has zip fastening with a locking mechanism on the slider that prevents the zipper from opening when the dog moves. The snug fit makes the vest ergonomic and safe. The protective collar has removable straps for securing a GPS collar.

The protective Cordura belly flap can be cut to size to fit a male dog, for example. There are printed guiding lines on the inside of the vest that make it easy to cut the belly flap into the right shape. Use scissors to cut the flap into shape, taking care not to cut over seams.The modern camouflage-print Ranger vest has a bug-repellent Clariant treatment, which efficiently protects against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.

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