Hi, I am Sue Paterson and I am very happy to bring New Zealand dog owners the wonderful Hurtta products from Finland. I have four dogs of my own and compete in obedience with my two Australian Cattle Dogs, Malu and Pippi. From training and exercising my own dogs I’ve come to appreciate how good quality gear can make a real difference to my day to day life with my dogs.
In the past, I have struggled to source good quality dog gear in New Zealand. Discovering the Hurtta products changed this for me. I realized what a difference it makes to be using dog gear designed by people who understand day to day living with a dog. It doesn’t matter if your dog is large or small, active or content to be a quiet companion.
This is good practical stuff that works.

If you have any questions about our products ask me on our Facebook page, or through our Contact page on this site.
If you are in the area, come and visit us at a stall, and try out some gear on your dog. Check out the locations on our Events page.