Our secrets to a long, happy product life.

Our planet is a unique playground where dogs and dog owners can enjoy nearly endless adventures.
Your adventures are enabled by quality Hurtta products, designed and fabricated to withstand heavy, repeated use. When you care for your gear, it will withstand regular use for several years.

How to care for your muddy dog gear NZ

Technical, breathable materials work best when they are clean. If you keep your dog’s favourite apparel and gear in good condition, it will perform better and last longer.


Always wash apparel according to the washing instructions. Before putting it in the washing machine, shake off or remove loose hairs and loosen any drawstrings. Close buckles and zippers to prevent damage to them and to other products.

The maximum wash temperature is 30°C. Use a gentle wash cycle without fast spinning.

All Hurtta outfits and equipment are washable. The garments are recommended to be washed inside out (except foil and film-coated products) using mild and allergy-friendly detergents. We recommend using a washing bag so that the details of the product won’t get damaged in a washing machine. The use of a wash bag protects the garment from unnecessary wear and abrasion.

Washing the garment at the wrong temperature, fast spinning or tumble-drying may harm the taping of the seams or other details of the garment. Avoid using fabric conditioners. Wash apparel without fabric softener, as fabric softener impairs the breathability of film-coated fabric.

Over time, heavy wear and washing may weaken the products’ waterproofness, which is easy to restore with protective agents sold in sporting goods stores. Look for waterproofing spray.


The heat from a dryer may damage the film surface or tapes on the product, so always drip-dry Hurtta products on a clothesline or hanger.

Foil and film-coated products

The heat-reflecting foil print used in some Hurtta products, like the Extreme Warmer, will perform better and last longer when products are washed by hand or in a mesh garment washing bag using the washing machine’s gentle-care setting. Never wash foil and film-coated products inside out. Washing them outside out will better preserve the coating’s functional ability.

Collars, harnesses and leashes

Hurtta collars, harnesses and leashes may be washed by hand with a mild detergent. We do not recommend machine washing for these products as any metal components can be damaged or damage the washing machine.


Hurtta boots may be washed by hand with a mild detergent. Alternatively, you may wash the boots in a mesh garment washing bag using the washing machine’s gentle-care setting. Secure the Velcro strips carefully before washing. Wash the slippers right-side out to minimise damage to the glued sole. Allow the boots to drip-dry.

If you have any questions about care of your Hurtta products, please contact us at info@dogsoutside.com.