Hurtta Training Vest ECO leaping NZ

An environmentally friendly spin on your Hurtta favourites.

The ECO series of Hurtta products incorporate strength-tested recycled eco-friendly materials for long-lasting durability, comfort and control. These are ideal for active dogs, daily walks and bigger adventures. The Hurtta ECO series continues to grow because we are committed to utilising recycled materials, such as polyester made from PET plastic bottles, whenever possible. ECO products also detail which recycled materials were used in their construction. While it may seem like a small step, choosing products made with recycled materials is a positive step for the health and well-being of dogs, people and the planet.


Polyester fabric is made from Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. It is made from the same material as PET bottles, the most common type of single-use plastic bottles. The PET bottles are recycled into polyester yarn that is woven to make the recycled fabric.

Polyurethane (PU) is recycled from waste materials made from polyurethane like sandwich panels and insulation.

ECO Series Products

These are some of the products made by Hurtta that contain materials made from recycled plastics:

Hurtta Casual Y-Harness ECO

Hurtta Casual Collar ECO

Hurtta Training Vest ECO

Hurtta Treat Pocket ECO

Hurtta Monsoon Raincoat (rosehip colour)

Hurtta Rain Blocker (hedge colour)

In 2022, Hurtta was one of 50 brands selected for the globally unique national Circular Design Programme of the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, which helps to teach companies circular design principles so that they can develop new skills and products and services that are ready for the circular economy.